Artist: Peggy Wolf

Size: 12″ x 18″
Watercolor on rag paper
Limited Edition of 150

Product Description

Peggy WolfPeggy Wolf is a German illustrator who has lived in London for six years. The vibrant and buzzing city has shaped her creativity enormously. Since August 2012 she is back in her native Germany, were she studied Fashion Design from 1999 until 2004, and now continues to work as an Illustrator.

She is mostly known for her striking illustrations of various female portraits, which are often described as quirky, colorful, enigmatic and sophisticated characters with an edge.
Peggy is creating work for clients around the globe coming from different markets such as Beauty, Fashion, Jewelry, Interior Design and Magazines.

Studied Fashion Design – 1999 until 2004, in Germany
Worked as a freelance Designer – 2004 until 2006, in Germany
Worked in Interior Design – 2006 until 2009, in London
Illustrator – 2009 until 2012, in London
Illustrator – since August 2012 back in Germany

The Sanctuary (London, UK)
Sky Living, ‘Styled To Rock’ with Rihanna (London, UK)
Jennifer Loiselle (London, UK)
HomeMint, Justin Timberlake (Santa Monica, USA)
UCE Magazine (North Carolina, USA)
Tokion Magazine (New York, USA)
LOOL (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
The National (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Designer Forum (Sydney, Australia)
Iben Høj (Kerteminde, Denmark)
Glossy Box (Berlin, Germany)
Miriam Jacks (Berlin, Germany)
Maxi (Hamburg, Germany)