Cake Boy

Cake Boy


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Size: : 17 ” x 11″

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Product Description

Isabelle Alford-LagoVenice-based artist, Isabelle Alford-Lago, began painting at an early age. She decided in high school to make this her career, and soon after received her BA from the University of Southern California.

Isabelle feels the Gorilla, although foreign to an urban environment, is a friendly and relatable creature; one who participates in his surroundings and engages viewers with his attitude of genuine self-confidence and unexpected humor.

Isabelle places the “primitive amongst the civilized” by painting larger-than-life Gorillas on the streets, on public benches and walls, as well as indoor murals in various office and retails spaces. Her life-sized gorillas transform ordinary walls into wild and curious points of discussion and entertainment.

Isabelle’s works on canvas presents a more intimate experience. With oils she creates dramatic lighting and tangibility to highlight the Gorilla figures in a personal space. The themes are inspired by portraitures ranging from historical paintings to contemporary snapshots. Just as they do on the streets, the Gorilla’s and their unique personalities on canvas remind everyone to enjoy life and not take things too seriously.

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Isabelle Alford-Lago