Prada Marfa

Banana Peel

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 See The Prada Store, Marfa, TX

Located in the West Texas desert near the little town of Marfa (a small town known for its’ eclectic artist community) on a stretch of Highway known as the loneliest road in America, sits the Prada store that got left behind. 

No sales clerks work behind the counters, though it is stocked with veblen bags and shoes, nothing is actually functional except for the lights, which glow at night and make the glass frontage the only illumination for miles around.

The Prada Marfa is a permanent art installation, built by a Berlin-based artistic couple called Elmgreen and Dragset, with the approval and oversight of Miuccia Prada herself- who provided their logo and the goods on display within. Shortly after it was constructed it was smashed and looted, as you might expect, but the artists only returned with more goods, smash-proof glass, and some serious alarm systems, rebuilding it as a little commercial fortress in the desert.

It is made of a biodegradable adobe-like substance, designed to slowly dissolve back into the land over time. It cost $80,000 to build, and all the goods on display within are authentic, if imperfect- the shoes are all right-footed and the bags have no bottoms.

Now it provides surreal amusement to anyone driving through that stretch of blasted land.

The work was produced by Ballroom Marfa and the Art Production Fund. 

The fate of Prada Marfa lies in the Texas department of transport’s hands- they classified the installation as an illegal outdoor advertising sign and are in the process of trying to get it removed.

Many community members have rallied behind Prada Marfa, and as of now, although the transport department maintains that the work is illegal, it has not issued a removal order.

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