Isabelle Alford-Lago

Check  out a sneak peak into Isabelle’s studio as she explains the humor behind her gorillas, her process, and why she’s passionate about the cause, The Art of Elysium.

Street Gorillas

For our first issue, the Charly West crew chose to feature rising star, Venice, CA based artist Isabelle Alford-Lago. Isabelle was the first artist we approached to collaborate. Isabelle is quite the celebrity amongst Venice locals. Anyone familiar with her laid back, easy charm and humble attitude can see how her personality influences and inspires the success and  popularity of her cheeky Gorilla murals that light up the buildings of Venice, CA.  




Collect Isabelle’s exclusive, limited edition print, Cake Boy, at Charly West. With every Gorilla that finds a new home, you’ll be supporting Isabelle’s favorite cause, The Art of Elysium.